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Club Programs

The ACD has traditionally been a working dog and thus the ACDCC has created two programs to acknowledge those dogs that maintain the 'Beauty, Brains & Brawn'.


The Versatility awards program was implemented by the ACDCC for two reasons:

  • An educational tool for members to promote the health, soundness and welfare of Australian Cattle Dogs &

  • A recognition program for dogs and owners who have contributed to the breed in the arenas of performance, conformation, and social responsibility.

The following 5 titles are recognised:

  • VS - Versatility Started

  • VI - Versatility Intermediate

  • VX - Versatility Excellent

  • VCH - Versatility Champion

  • VMCH - Versatility Master Champion

Ch. Agassiz's The Great Conjunction, SX2, T3, CCF3 aka Jove. Sprinter Trial. Shelley Victo

Ch. Agassiz's The Great Conjunction, SX2, T3, CCF3 aka Jove - Shelley Victoria Photography


The Herding Dog Program was created to award dogs that excelled in what they do naturally - herd livestock

Any dog that is CKC registered and handler that is a member of ACDCC is eligible for the following awards:


  • Top Herding ACD of the Year

  • Top ACD Herding Handler OTY

  • Top ACD Junior Handler OTY

  • The Top ACD Herding Breeder OFT


Houla HAsd SDSs ATDsc OTDd AFTD-Xd OFTDsm ETD - Sarah Servais Photographe

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