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ACD Info

Bailey HIsd ATDd OTDs STDc AFTDsdm OFTDc ETD CGN - Sarah Servais Photographe

CKC Standard

The breed standard is the blueprint for the ideal specimen and includes size, weight, colour, coat, ear set, tail set, topline, feet, movement, temperament, structure, etc. A breed standard exists for each of the 187 breeds recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. According to their historic function, the CKC allocates each breed into one of seven groups.

Breeders Directory

If you would like some more information about owning an ACD or wish to purchase an ACD from a reputable breeder then please contact any of the breeders listed below. They'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Herding Facilities

Herding trainers/facility owners that are also ACDCC members. We thought it would be a good resource for other members and the general public that would also be interested in herding lessons with an ACD.

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